6 SEO Strategies to Optimize for the Holiday Shopping Season

When establishing your brand’s presence online, SEO plays a big part in reaching your target demographic and attracting new consumers. As you begin to plan for the upcoming holiday season – the biggest shopping period of the year – you should consider integrating critical SEO strategies to boost conversion rates and attract customers to your online store.

Recent projections for holiday spending suggest that $119.99 billion dollars of online revenue will occur between November and December. To get your store ready for the busy days ahead, here are six important factors to focus on when devising your SEO strategy this holiday season.

Start Planning Early

If you haven’t already given some thought to your holiday marketing and SEO strategies, now’s the time. The best way to get ahead of the competition is to formulate a reliable plan to ensure a profitable fourth quarter.

November typically marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, though 22 percent of consumers started purchasing gifts as early as October last year. Many eCommerce companies begin planning their strategies as early as the summer, but if you haven’t started preparing yet, there’s still time to implement SEO seasonal strategies for a strong fourth quarter.

Once your store is optimized with holiday themes and keywords, you can execute effective digital campaigns to capture record revenue through the end of the year.

Evaluate and Optimize Keywords

As an eCommerce professional, you probably realize just how valuable keyword research and implementation is; however, optimizing these strategies around the holidays can draw new organic traffic to your site and increase sales during this critical time period.

When optimizing keywords, you should focus on phrases that offer a high traffic yield related to the holidays. That way, when consumers are searching for gifts this season, they can be directed to your online store and browse your product offering. If you already use this strategy across your site, you’ll still want to identify holiday-centric keywords and build custom campaigns so you can capitalize on seasonal searches.

Each time you revise content and keywords, Google bots will re-evaluate your site and may rank it more favorably, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers. That will help you gain traction in the search results during the height of the holiday shopping season.

Create Unique Holiday Content

In addition to updating existing content, creating new holiday-centric content for your eCommerce site will draw more attention to your business. One top-performing SEO strategy is to develop pages on your site devoted to gift guides.

Start by considering what terms consumers are using to shop for gifts. Keywords like “holiday gifts for dad” or “best gifts for sisters” are likely to attract a lot of organic web traffic. When browsing for gifts, most people aren’t looking for a specific product; they’re sifting through products online until they discover something that offers the right fit for their needs. Put yourself in the mindset of the user to identify valuable search terms for SEO.

To maximize your SEO, review product descriptions and optimize them for seasonal relevance. It’s also important to employ a smart linking strategy with all of your content. Properly executed, links will drive more traffic to your site. Use quality links for internal and external purposes and optimize anchor text to increase keyword rankings.

When creating new holiday content that supports your SEO strategy, consider running some holiday promotions — like offering free shipping for consumers spending over a certain monetary threshold — and advertise time-sensitive offers on your eCommerce store and all content channels, like social media and marketing campaigns.

Tease Promotions to Boost Anticipation

Creating a buzz around your holiday specials will get people excited for your upcoming deals and build desire for your products and services. Once you’ve determined what type of holiday shopping promotions you’d like to offer this year — like early bird specials, free shipping, promotional giveaway or gift card bonuses — start boosting momentum through advertising.

In recent years, social media has become a top platform for consumers to discover brands and promotions. According to a recent report by Marketing Sherpa, 71 percent of small businesses rely on social channels to grow their business.

Because of this rise in popularity, social media advertising can be an extremely lucrative way to get people excited about holiday specials, leading to higher conversion rates. Another way to increase anticipation for your holiday offers is by offering exclusive deals to social media followers, which can grow your following and position your company as a trusted site.

Optimize for Mobile

In 2017, Invesp reported that 19 percent of eCommerce sales were completed through mobile, and it was estimated that this number could rise to 27 percent by the end of 2018. Experts in the industry agree that while right now mobile may seem to only make up a fraction of eCommerce sales, this number is growing every day as more people use their devices for an entire range of tasks.

One of the most beneficial SEO strategies you can implement this season is to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile to provide consumers with a great user experience. In today’s world, everyone is on the go all the time, so offering customers with an easy way to view and purchase items right from their phone is guaranteed to boost conversion rates.

Measure Your Success

During the rush of the holiday season, it’s important to keep an eye on data insights and marketing metrics to measure your success. If your performance starts to lag, you can stay nimble and make adjustments in real-time. Luckily, an automated marketing platform like Springbot makes it easy and efficient to stay on top of your data and employ powerful marketing tactics to ensure record-breaking revenue this year.

As you prepare for the busiest season of the year, savvy marketers incorporate SEO strategies to maximize their revenue and leverage their brand online. Using seasonal focused terms will meet shoppers on their path to purchase and convert them to exceed your revenue goals and brand awareness during the holiday season.

Having a strong SEO plan and continually optimizing it will help you stand out from the competition, prompt customers to shop your brand and enable you to surpass your sales goals during the holiday season.

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