Holiday Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Active Apparel Stores

If your eCommerce business sells sporting goods, the holiday season can be an extremely lucrative time for you. Reflecting the shifting desires in consumers, this year, the outdoor industry took in $18.9 billion in revenue.

These days, people are investing more in versatile products that will help them explore the great outdoors or plan epic adventures. Part of the outdoor industry’s success may be due, in part, to the rise of the experience economy, particularly from millennial consumers.

Though this may seem disconnected from the world of eCommerce outdoor gear, the two industries are strongly linked. As an increasing number of young people are planning to embark on memorable adventures, outdoor goods companies are experiencing a boost in sales.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, here are a few tips on how eCommerce outdoor brands can stand apart from the competition and ensure that your conversion rates hit an all-time high. Current projections indicate that consumers will spend $119.99 billion online in November and December. Armed with a solid holiday marketing plan, you’ll be poised to capture essential revenue and grow brand awareness.

Grow Your Brand Following

Creating an appealing brand identity is essential for all eCommerce companies, but when it comes to outdoor sporting goods, this is especially important. Because outdoor goods are geared towards people who tend to follow a more active lifestyle, you can easily hone in on this demographic and develop a brand voice and style that mirrors their own interests. When consumers discover an online store that matches their viewpoint, they are more likely to buy from this company.

Social media is one of the best ways to create a comprehensive brand identity, but integrating this brand lifestyle across all platforms is essential. Consider the way that Columbia, a popular outdoor apparel brand, promotes their brand.

The photos they use on both their site and social media show a mix of people participating in interesting outdoor activities, such as mountain-biking or hiking, as well as inspirational travel destinations to create a brand experience for their potential consumers.

Dedicated to corporate responsibility, Columbia donates a portion of their revenue to conservation efforts all over the globe to ensure that the outdoors is preserved for generations to come. These days, more consumers are choosing to buy from companies with philanthropic causes so outdoor apparel brands that give back can really stand out from the competition.

The frenzy of the holidays means an influx of revenue, but it also means that you will have the valuable opportunity to gain more brand enthusiasts. Consider diversifying your marketing messaging and adding a charitable initiative that speaks to the season of giving. Not only will you see your sales increase, but you’re taking a critical step to transform a one-time buyer into a customer for life.

Social Media Advertising

Social media sales are dominating the industry. In a recent report on global consumer insights by PwC, 59 percent of people use social media to discover new products and services. To boost holiday revenue, leverage paid or sponsored posts that use dynamic product ads to put the right products in front of individual shoppers. Retargeting ads help reach the 98 percent of consumers who don’t convert right away.

The holiday season is also the perfect time to create a Shoppable Instagram account to shorten the path to purchase. Springbot can help you transform a standard account into a dynamic storefront to boost engagement and boosts sales.

Use Video to Sell Products and Gain New Followers

Aside from a solid social media strategy, many of the most successful outdoor apparel brands are incorporating video in this year’s holiday strategy. Video media is predicted to bring in the majority of internet traffic by 2021, and eCommerce companies across all industries have experienced an uptick in sales when videos are incorporated into product descriptions and landing pages. For the outdoor sporting goods industry, video can be extremely beneficial.

Try introducing videos into your product description pages to demonstrate to users how the product looks from a 360-degree angle. When consumers are able to really envision how a product functions, they are much more likely to make a purchase because they are more informed about the item at hand.

Video is also a great way to share user generated content to establish social trust. Whether it contains a five star product review or features customers wearing your apparel, it’s a great way to drive sales and engagement during the holiday season.

Let Springbot Help with Your eCommerce Marketing this Holiday Season

Now that you have a fortified marketing plan for the holiday season, it’s time to execute it to capture critical sales through the end of the year. With a team of marketing experts, Springbot offers some of the best resources to master your marketing strategies and harness the power of your user data.

This year, let us help you boost conversions and meet your revenue goals during the holiday shopping season. To learn more, request a demo today and let our most popular services – like Springbot Exchange and marketing campaigns – maximize revenue during the last quarter of the year.