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In recent years, video has become the key to online success, contributing to an increasingly high amount of traffic. Inc. magazine highlighted a staggering statistic published by Cisco, which estimates that by 2019, video will make up more than 80 percent of global internet traffic.

Because so many users are gravitating towards this form of media, it can be extremely beneficial to incorporate video into your eCommerce holiday strategy. Another source revealed that 64 percent of online shoppers are more inclined to purchase an item after watching a video, especially if the clip is short and compelling.

If you’ve never included video in your marketing strategy, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate this type of media to benefit your business. Here are some of our helpful tips to feature video in your eCommerce holiday strategy this year.

Build a Brand Voice

One of the key components to generating regular customers and attracting new ones is by building a distinctive brand voice and style. Your messaging should remain consistent across all platforms, including your eCommerce store, email campaigns and social channels.

Creating a strong brand identity is similar to creating a lifestyle — when people see your brand, they should think of the type of lifestyle your products promote. Determine your target audience and then develop a voice that appeals to this demographic. For example, if you sell surfer-style clothing, you could build your brand around a coastal lifestyle and let your tagline, social media posts and website design all reflect that concept.

Including video on your site is an extremely helpful way to present your brand to consumers. Feature people similar to your target demographics to help consumers envision themselves using your product and feel included in the lifestyle your brand is promoting. Adding videos to your site is a wise eCommerce holiday strategy that will help your company gain exposure and spread your brand’s message, especially during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Product Demos

Determining what type of video will be most beneficial to your eCommerce holiday marketing plan depends on the type of products you’re selling. Electronic devices are well suited for product videos, and seasonal sales — which increased by 6.7 percent last year — indicate that they are remarkably popular gifts during the holiday season.

Incorporating product demos in your eCommerce holiday strategy will help boost your conversions. Online consumers enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes, but many people still want to experience a product as they would in-store. Through demo videos, these shoppers can get a better sense of what a product looks like and how it works, which often elevate their trust and excitement about the item.

Testimonials and Reviews

Another way to add video to your eCommerce holiday strategy is through testimonials and reviews. You can create these videos yourself with customers who have purchased your products in the past, or you can embed video reviews that already exist.

One of the first things consumers will reference when researching a product are the customer reviews. Another way to boost credibility online, testimonials and reviews can be featured in short videos, no longer than one minute, and touch on some of the product’s distinctive features.

How-To Videos

How-to videos have proven to be very successful in boosting conversion rates with products that need to be assembled or have some technological component. Consumers might be attracted to your product, but if they don’t know how to use it or find it confusing, how-to videos can ease these concerns and help move them closer to making a purchase.

Furniture companies use instructional videos to help sell items that need to be assembled at home. Electronics is another industry where how-to videos can be an extremely beneficial way to highlight special features. Because they are experiential, videos can demystify products and boost engagement.

Other Tips for Incorporating Video

When adding video to your eCommerce holiday strategy, you’ll want to ensure that you’re incorporating the media into the pages that are most likely to boost conversions. Including videos on the product pages with an “add to cart” button is a proven method for capturing sales. Consumers can watch the video while they’re browsing the product and then easily add the item to their cart after viewing the clip.

While product pages are a great place to add video, featuring them into your email campaigns is also a highly effective marketing tactic. A study conducted by Forrester found that adding video to emails increased click-through rates by as much as 200 to 300 percent.

Video adds an immersive experience that can be an incredibly effective addition to your marketing plan. As the holidays rapidly approach, savvy marketers should leverage this effective form of media to maximize seasonal revenue and grow their brand awareness online.

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