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During the final months of the year, the alcohol industry receives a spike in sales as people across the country host holiday parties stocked with beer, wine and spirits. According to a recent report from Nielsen, the alcohol industry rakes in more than $3 billion in sales from Thanksgiving to New Year.

As families gather together to share a Thanksgiving meal and friends gear up to celebrate the new year, people from every walk of life tend to consume more alcohol this time of year. With the holiday season just weeks away, alcohol retailers can benefit from leveraging effective eCommerce marketing strategies to maximize revenue during this highly profitable period of the year.

Re-Engagement Campaigns

Converting one-time buyers into returning customers should be one of the main focuses of your eCommerce marketing strategy this holiday season. While loyalty programs are an excellent method of retaining new customers, launching re-engagement campaigns can be a useful way to pull consumers back in who have made a purchase within the last year.

Sending a personalized email with an exclusive discount is one of the best eCommerce marketing strategies for re-engagement. Consumers love to feel special. Send them a message with a tagline like “We Miss You,” along with a unique promo code.

Offering a free gift with purchase is another enticing way to attract previous customers. Research shows that it’s more expensive to gain new customers than retain old ones, so running re-engagement campaigns can bring a better ROI than campaigns aimed at new users.

Segmented Email Campaigns

With an abundance of user data at your fingertips, online stores would be wise to use this information to attract consumers to your site. Segmented email campaigns are effective because shoppers respond better to personalized, targeted advertisements.

When someone receives an email with specific recommendations selected for them based on their actual interests, they not only appreciate the relevance, but they are more likely to visit your site and actually purchase the item. With the Audience Expander feature in the Springbot Exchange, you can use tailored demographic information to send specific emails based on their behaviors and interests.

Reward Returning Customers with a Loyalty Program

Nothing persuades customers to come back and purchase again as much as the promise of a special reward. We all know the importance of customer loyalty, especially since repeat purchasers account for 40 percent of all eCommerce revenue.

Once the initial order of alcohol is complete, customers may want to order another round for the next holiday party – especially if they had a great user experience. Offering consumers some type of loyalty incentive will help convince them to make that important second purchase from your store. You can even offer something as enviable as receiving a free bottle of wine after exceeding a particular spending threshold.

Revamp Your Website for a Great User Experience

Even if your eCommerce store offers outstanding prices and top-quality products, you will miss out on sales opportunities if you don’t have a user-friendly site. Every online store should be streamlined and easy to navigate.

Try to keep a more minimalist look to avoid bombarding users with text and images on the homepage. Aside from a beautiful, clean design and a simple menu, you should focus on making your checkout process as quick as possible.

One of the top reasons for high cart abandonment rates is a long, confusing checkout experience. Only ask consumers for the minimum amount of information that you need and add shortcuts like copying the billing address into the shipping address form to create an easy path to purchase.

Social Media Advertising

An increasing amount of online shopping is taking place over social media now. Running targeted ads through these marketing channels will help attract consumers with similar interests and increase your brand exposure online. When devising your eCommerce marketing strategies, running a social media campaign is the perfect way to re-engage previous customers and inspire a purchase.

With the festive spirit of the holiday season upon us, online alcohol retailers can maximize their revenue with smart content strategies. Take advantage of the recurring spike in the industry to ensure the most profitable quarter of the year and expand your audience for your marketing efforts in 2019.

Offering Gift Bundles and Themed Packages

To bring in the most business, it helps to offer gifts for every budget to attract a wide customer base, from inexpensive gifts to a holiday splurge on something special. An easy way to do this is by creating different price bundles. One option can include a small basket of mini-bottles for under $10 and another higher tier package could include a bottle of liquor and a custom glass.

Themed packages are another great way to capture people’s attention and entice them into purchasing from your eCommerce store. The holiday shopping season differs from the rest of the year as most consumers are looking for presents rather than products for themselves. Take the guesswork out of the equation and offer unique gift packages like a basket of beers from a particular state or seasonal liquor.