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Note: This is a blog by our friends at TowerData  a technology company that powers people-based marketing with real-time, comprehensive and accurate data. With TowerData’s suite of services, marketers can improve the quality, depth and reach of their data to meet customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time.

TowerData’s flagship products include Email Intelligence, Email Validation, Identity Matching and Website Visitor Identification.

It’s complicated. But there’s certainly no reason you should be losing customers who simply entered their email incorrectly on your website. The solution? Email Validation.

Email Validation helps you determine if an email is deliverable without sending an email to that address. Marketers who use Email Validation improve the quality of their data, leading to better inbox placement and higher response rates.

Email Validation can also be executed in real-time. That means you can determine whether an email is deliverable when a customer enters it on a webform.

That sounds huge. But just how important is Email Validation?

At TowerData, we found that 8.4% of emails entered into webforms are inaccurate. Wow.  What would it mean to you to recapture those 8.4% of lost leads?

Check out our infographic to learn more.