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4 eCommerce Strategies Cosmetic and Beauty Retailers Can Implement for Valentine’s Day


For a long time, Valentine’s Day has been the big retail holiday for February. But over the last few years, individuals have been getting cheekier with this month by promoting Singles Awareness Day and, now, Galentine’s Day: an occasion recognized on February 13 for women to celebrate themselves and their girlfriends.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to offer some quick online marketing campaigns beauty and cosmetic suppliers can run in honor of this day.

Build a Landing Page

Search engine optimization and marketing aren’t things that SMB retailers often think about, but when it comes to holiday marketing, leveraging SEO and SEM are hugely recommended.

One great eCommerce marketing strategy for Galentine’s Day is to create a landing page to push specific products and use the term “Galentine’s Day” as often as makes sense to enhance it’s searchability and increase your organic traffic to the page.

ULTA utilized this eCommerce strategy for Valentine’s Day:

And Etsy’s landing page is the top result when you search “Galentine’s Day Gift” – which they achieved by building a page that is simply populated when anything is titled or tagged with “Galentine’s Day”:

SMB merchants should always be considering how they can implement more SEO and SEM best practices into their marketing strategy, and creating landing pages is a great first step.

Update Your Ads

While it’s easy to leave your eCommerce ad strategy on autopilot, whenever a holiday is approaching, it’s always good to freshen up your ads so they appear timely and relevant to consumers.

Even better, if you set up a landing page, you can direct shoppers to that web page to help boost its visibility in searches. Consider running a set of ads that present the page as a gift guide for Galentine’s Day.

Run a Giveaway on Social Media

The holidays are great time to interact with consumers, and running a contest or giveaway is one way eCommerce merchants boost their visibility on various social media channels.

For example, LipSense leveraged social media influencer Backroadbeautygram to promote their products via a Galentine’s Day Giveaway:

Even if you don’t have plans to run a giveaway, it’s important to keep up with your social media presence with relevant posts. Anthropologie utilized both the #valentinesday and #galentinesday tag with this post to Instagram:

So even though they aren’t running contest, they’re still getting in front of consumers by pushing the perfect gifts to give your bestie on Galentine’s Day.

Create an Email Campaign

Don’t forget to implement Galentine’s Day into your email marketing strategy, especially if you’ve built a landing page or are running any sort of contests. Email is an eCommerce marketer’s best friend for directing people to both these content types.

Even better, adding Galentine’s Day into your eCommerce marketing strategy allows you to be more versatile with your planning by giving you a nice counterbalance to Valentine’s Day. Emails that are focused on Galentine’s Day will help you stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes. For example, in a pool of Valentine’s Day emails with subject lines centered around giving to your significant other, this email from beauty supplier OVME jumps right to the recipient’s attention:

Remember that Galentine’s Day is about women celebrating other women and themselves, so make sure to focus subject lines around that theme.

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