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As an eCommerce business owner, you realize that the more web traffic you get to your site, the more opportunities you have to expose your business to new consumers and potentially boost conversion rates. Most companies received an unusual spike in traffic and revenue during the holiday shopping season, but don’t let your business lose its momentum after the new year. Focus on these marketing tactics to boost your site traffic and attract new loyal customers in 2019.

Why Increase Site Traffic Organically

When it comes to increasing site visibility, you can either opt to use SEO tactics that can organically boost your site traffic or paid advertisements to increase traffic. Many eCommerce companies use a combination of these two strategies to get the best results, but when you focus on gaining more organic site traffic, you’re also attracting higher quality traffic. This tends to lower bounce rates, and increased time spent onsite tells Google that your site is valuable, which allows you to rank even higher and exposes your brand to more internet search users.

Good Web Traffic vs. Bad Web Traffic

Unfortunately, an increase in site traffic is not always a good thing. In order to determine if an increase in website visits is helping your business, delve into your analytics to examine the quality of the traffic and how these users are navigating your site.

If you’re receiving a higher amount of traffic to your site but notice a decrease in visits to your most important pages, there might be an issue with how people are finding your business online. In this case, you’ll want to focus on driving traffic to the essential pages that will actually convert buyers.

How to Increase Site Traffic

SEO Keyword Strategies

In order to gain organic traffic, you can try implementing a number of SEO tactics designed to help your site rank on Google without the need to purchase online advertisements, though paid ads can also lead to a successful site traffic increase as well. But, when it comes to SEO marketing, keyword research is vital.

You can enlist the help of a marketing company or use one of the many available programs to determine which words and phrases your target market is searching for and how your site can rank on Google for these terms. When you organically attract users to your site through these methods, you’re more likely to notice a spike in leads and conversions.

Social Media Marketing

There are a handful of avenues you can use to drive more traffic to your site. Social media is an excellent platform because it allows you to build a brand identity and engage with your audience. You can post products that link directly to your site, run sponsored ads and link your site in your profile.

Before creating a social media marketing plan to drive site traffic, you should consider your target demographic and which platforms they are most likely to engage with on a daily basis. If your average customer is under 35, they are probably going to be most influenced by social media marketing on Instagram while older demographics interact more with Facebook. Because both social media platforms are owned by the same company, they offer similar advertising features that can link back to your site, bringing in more traffic and potential sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Optimizing your email subscriber list is essential to increase site traffic and boost conversion rates. That starts with a maintenance plan to regularly review and prune any outdated information to keep your user data clean.

By incorporating segmentation into your email marketing strategy, you can develop campaigns aimed at different types of buyers. People who have purchased from your store in the past might receive a loyalty rewards email, but subscribers that have never interacted with your campaigns could receive an incentive to inspire an impulse purchase.

You can run cart abandonment email campaigns to entice shoppers to return to your eCommerce store to revisit the items they added to their cart without purchasing. Running special promotions or discounts for all email subscribers is another useful way to encourage people to browse your products and amp up site traffic.

Creating Useful Content

A staple strategy of SEO marketing, content creation that is both useful and highly searched on the internet can attract shoppers to your site and position your brand as an authority on a given topic. Try to regularly conduct research and create fresh content that interests your target market along with critical keywords that rank on Google. You should also spend time updating old content and implementing new content marketing strategies as they arise to ensure that you’re attracting as much site traffic as possible.

In the hyper-competitive world of eCommerce, every business is trying to increase their web traffic to drive revenue and market share. Luckily, we have some industry tips to help attract the right type of traffic and raise your online authority with powerful search engines like Google.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, schedule a full demo with us today. We work with great brands like Country Club Prep to help them optimize their marketing efforts and grow their business online.