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You Don’t Have To!

The surprising announcement that Mailchimp will be eliminating its integration to the Shopify platform has many store owners looking for an easy solution that won’t interrupt their marketing programs when the May 12th deadline hits. Every answer requires adding and learning a new third-party tool, or changing shopping carts or email service providers (ESPs) altogether.


Migrating an entire online store to a new platform is obviously a large undertaking, but switching ESPs is not exactly a walk in the park either. Successfully transferring subscriber data to a new provider is rarely the simple process you’d expect, and painstakingly rebuilding campaign automations from scratch requires time and resources most SMB merchants just don’t have. With Springbot, there is a better way.


Springbot’s marketing automation platform has direct integrations with both Shopify and MailChimp, meaning merchants can sail through this breakup without missing a beat (watch the video).  Our integration with MailChimp provides advanced segmentation capabilities, analytics and reporting features for newsletter campaigns. Merchants can also immediately begin using Springbot’s own email services, proven to drive higher deliverability rates, more opens and increased conversions.


(Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say!)


The Springbot team works with merchants to optimize email programs from top to bottom. Our marketing automation services include everything needed to quickly get up and running, including:


  • Automated API list migration
  • One email template built to match your shop’s look and feel
  • Seven personalized triggered emails such as Abandoned Cart, First Purchase, Post-Purchase and Win-back
  • Our new Facebook Messenger Marketing tool


Getting the unexpected news that a relationship you have grown to rely on is going away would make any business owner uneasy. Fortunately, with Springbot, store owners don’t have to choose sides and they may even experience a welcome lift in campaign performance.


For store owners who want to manage all their marketing from one place, Springbot also provides an entire suite of features beyond email, including social marketing, Facebook Messenger Marketing, online ads and Springbot Exchange, the first marketing data co-op for SMB retailers. Seamlessly migrate your email marketing program to Springbot and we’ll show you how to take advantage of all the data-driven marketing tools now at your fingertips!  


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