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The holidays are busy for everyone—from crazy work schedules and family events to shopping for all your needs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the influx of holiday emails hitting your inbox. We’ve already gone over the best holiday content, but that’s not the only factor that matters when it comes to getting customers to engage with your email content. Picking the right subject line, making use of the preheader—these are all elements that can improve engagement and make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox.

Here are some quick tips:

Subject Lines

When it comes to subject lines, it’s important to make them eye-catching and short. You have the body of the email to be informative—the subject line is to grab your audience’s attention and get them to open. Whether your biggest holiday draw is a new deal, a featured product, or something else, you want to include that in the subject line. You can include numbers and percentages (two elements that usually boost open rates), but make it fun and relevant to the season, i.e. “Be Jolly, Get Up to 50% Off the New Chrome Collection!”

Holiday Email Optimization

Importance of the Preheader

Another part of the email many people overlook is the preheader. What is the preheader exactly? This is the preview text that appears after the subject in an inbox, and is a great chance for you to give the consumer more exciting information. This small line of text can influence your open rate. 

A few ways to catch someone’s eye are to include their name, explain more about the deals you have, or write a fun line about your company and the holiday season. You already caught their attention with the subject line, use the preheader to hook them and make them want to open the email.

Other Considerations for Sending Holiday Email

Don’t let sending emails be part of the holiday stress. Remember, you’re a consumer yourself, think about your own inbox and what emails you open and what you send straight to the trash. Use this knowledge in combination with Springbot’s tips and you’ll definitely have a merry and bright season.

We’ve already gone over quick tips for crafting your subject line and preheader, but that’s not the only factor that matters when it comes to getting customers to engage with your email content. When you send your emails and who you’re sending them to play a big role in the success of an email campaign.  

Want to learn more? Be sure to download our companion piece that provides three tips for improving email deliverability and inbox placement — combined, these holiday email optimization tips will help your emails stand out!

Holiday Email Optimization Tips for Deliverability