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The last thing anyone wants to do around the holidays is stress about work. We know the idea of putting together an email seems like a lot, but we’re here to make the process smooth and easy for you so you have one less thing to stress over. 

First, make sure you have everything you need for a successful email:

  • Do you have a clear subject line?
  • Is the copy of the email relevant and precise?
  • Do you have cohesive imagery ready?
  • Is it obvious that the email is coming from your company?

We’ve put together a holiday email example full of tips and tricks to use when designing an email campaign.

Here are three key components to consider when putting together a new email for consumers. Think about these and our holiday campaign tips when designing your email.

Subject Line and Preview Text

The subject line might be the most important part of an email — this is what grabs consumers’ attention and gets them to click. Having a fun and relevant subject line is the perfect start to any email. Ensure you have the most important information displayed in the subject line so readers know what they’re about to open. It’s also key to have a short subject line so people will see the whole thing in their inbox and won’t get overwhelmed by text. Research shows that the shorter the subject line, the better, so try to fit your offer language and add a little holiday flair into roughly 35 – 45 characters.

If you feel like you didn’t put enough into your subject line, there’s no need to worry. You can show more copy in their inbox with preview text. This is a chance to personalize the email and explain a bit more about your offer. Make it fun and informative to give your email a better chance of being opened.


An eye-catching email campaign is key to keeping a readers’ attention. Your images should be vibrant and cohesive to give everyone a pleasant viewing experience.

Include your company logo to make it clear who this message is coming from and where readers can find the deals they’re looking at. If you don’t have a logo, now is the time to create something clear and dynamic to brand yourself before the holidays. Product images and stock photos should be consistent in sizing, brightness and contrast. Ensure your images are clear with no blurring or pixelation so readers are focused on what’s in the image and not what’s wrong with it.


The copy of an email is a key component that you need to get right. Consumers know the gist of what your offer is from the subject line and images, but additional copy is required in the body of the email for clarity. Email copy should clearly state what deals you are offering and how to get them so consumers don’t feel confused. The clarity of copy is also important in ensuring you come across as transparent and honest, you don’t want consumers to feel they’ve been offered something they can’t get.

Another important aspect to consider when writing copy for your email are your calls to action, or CTAs. These short, two-to-three-word text boxes are what you want the reader to click on. Make sure your CTA matches the offer. If you’re saying that men’s clothing is 50% off, your CTA might be “Shop Now” or “Shop Men’s Clothing.” If you are offering free delivery and assembly with a purchase, your CTA could be “Learn More.” These should be eye-catching and obvious to get consumers to click.

Keep these things in mind when putting together emails during the holidays and beyond. We hope we’ve taken some stress away and that you feel confident in your holiday email campaign.

Like what you’ve read? Download a visual guide with our Anatomy of an Email Infographic. Click here to download.