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online advertisingCustomer acquisition has always been a top priority for online retailers. But in this crowded marketplace, traditional acquisition techniques don’t cut through the noise anymore. Customers have changed their expectations. They don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant ads that don’t reflect the content they’re engaged with at the time. This is where prospecting ads come into the picture.

What if you could target only the people who would actually buy something from your store? It almost sounds too good to be true. But it’s real, and it’s happening right now. Prospecting ads allow you to reach these ideal shoppers with the use of advanced data tracking. They eliminate manual demographic targeting and drive qualified traffic to your website. Let’s take a closer look at the magic behind prospecting ads.

Retargeting Ads vs. Prospecting Ads

Prospecting ads should not be confused with retargeting ads. Marketers use retargeting ads to recapture existing leads. These are people who have either been to your site before, made a purchase or have unpurchased items in their cart. Retargeting ads are an essential part of your strategy, but they’re not the same as prospecting ads.

Prospecting ads use a lot of the same data used in retargeting campaigns. But the goal is to attract new customers who match the profiles of your existing shoppers. This takes your digital marketing game to a whole new level. When you combine retargeting with prospecting, you’ve got a well-rounded strategy that will have your sales funnel running like a well-oiled machine.

How Prospecting Ads Work

In the past, the acquisition process relied heavily on trial and error. Not anymore. Prospecting uses machine-learning algorithms to serve ads to potential customers based on their behavior. Instead of manually setting demographics, you use data from your existing customers to target similar users. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of customer acquisition. 

online advertisingThese highly targeted ads then get displayed on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms. By incorporating user behavior, rather than just relying on demographic information like age and location, prospecting ads can pinpoint users who are most likely to convert. As our machine-learning algorithms become more sophisticated, they are able to predict user behavior with increasing (and sometimes startling) accuracy.  

Prospecting also allows you to display ads to users at just the right moment. Users want to be shown ads in a way that doesn’t disrupt the natural flow of their feed. Prospecting ads rely on context to create a seamless experience for customers. This results in better engagement and more conversions. 

What’s the ROI?

Prospecting ads are quickly becoming the standard, and it’s not hard to see why. Lookalike campaigns are very powerful. Shops like Intelligent Blends have been able to earn back 10x their ad spend in a single month. In the end, they were able to double their sales and generate $8K in purchases. That’s a serious return on investment. 

In fact, prospecting ads generate an average of 3x-5x return on ad spend for 90% stores that try them. Who doesn’t want that? The numbers don’t lie. It’s not really a question of if you can afford to run prospecting ads. It’s whether you can afford NOT to.

Start Running Prospecting Ads With Springbot

Are your usual marketing channels just not delivering like they use to? Then it’s time to change things up. Springbot is proud to announce our new prospecting ad service. We’ll help you attract new customers and drive highly qualified traffic to your eCommerce store – all using data you already have.

Streamline your customer acquisition process and get a better return on your ad spend. There are no mysteries here. Our new reporting tools allow you to see exactly how many new users have visited your site, and how many clicks and impressions your ads brought in.

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