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Springbot works with eCommerce stores to help them with their multi-channel efforts. Read more about with our customers had to say.


“Springbot has been such a great tool for our business! The amount of data we are able to collect and use is outstanding (not to mention other features like automatic social posting, email creation, trackable links, Adroll, and so much more)! (…) This is a great tool if you are looking to start your data-driven ecommerce marketing journey!” | Store Owner, Health & Beauty Industry


“Springbot is an incredibly user friendly platform with lots of very helpful features. The analytics are comprehensive and easy to read. Designing and creating email campaigns for my brand has become so much easier and efficient since I started working with Springbot.” | Jewelry Designer & Store Owner, Fashion & Beauty Industry


“The app works great and the Springbot team is amazing at onboarding and making everything work in a very short amount of time!” | Owner, Food & Service Industry 


“Springbot has been incredibly helpful in reaching our eCommerce business full marketing potential. Outside the small group of production workers who craft our product, there are only two of us managing things on the administrative side of the business. That means we both wear a lot of hats and have to switch gears constantly throughout the day. All too often, our advertising and marketing aspirations had to take a back seat to the daily grind of keeping things afloat. Springbot has helped to shed new light on the necessity of advertising our business by providing critical data that proves the return on our investment. Perhaps the best part about working with Springbot is it’s customer service. Every account manager I have had is extremely attentive and responds to inquiries in a timely manor (it is not uncommon to have an answer to my question in 30-60 minutes). Both the website and the material presented by Springbot is broken down in an incredibly digestible “cliff notes” format that makes advertising statistics common sense, even without any experience or educational background in marketing or analytics. Long story short, if you have an eCommerce business and you need someone to help navigate marketing optimization, Springbot is the perfect “hand hold” you need to grow your brand! (…) Thanks for all patience and great advice!” | Owner, Sports & Outdoors Industry