The Springbot Core Values

We grow customers into fans.

We deliver on our promises.

We celebrate what makes us unique.

We live the journey as a team.

From the start, Springbot’s core values have been present in everything we do. From how we work with customers to how we interact with fellow springbots to how we contribute to our community, these four values continue to guide us to be the best versions of ourselves.
These values have also provided us with a framework for how we build our platform and provide our services: running an eCommerce store should be easy for everyone, and the tools for success should be accessible for brands to grow their businesses.
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With our all-in-one platform and account services team, eCommerce businesses can market to online shoppers as efficiently as larger retailers.


Attract ideal shoppers to your site and collect their data with tools such as signup forms, online ads and blogging.


Connect with your new subscribers and customers with email, SMS, automations and other channel tools.


see how your channels are performing with easy-to-understand reporting to optimize future campaigns.
Our Story

From day one, we’ve worked to develop a robust platform that provides retailers with the channels they need to make meaningful connections with shoppers.



Triggered Emails
Marketing Analytics & Automation


Retargeting Ads
Customer Segmentation


Instagram Shop


Social Hub


Email Marketing
Product Recommendations


Facebook Messenger Marketing
Automations Suite


Zapier Integration
Customer Loyalty
Prospecting Ads
SMS Marketing


We’re looking for super smart people that love to have fun and are passionate about helping the small guy take on the giants. Please check out our careers page for a complete listing of our current opportunities and to find out more about why you should become a springbot.

About Our Leadership

The Springbot Leadership Team has years of experience in retail tech and eCommerce, and is committed to providing growing businesses with the tools they need to achieve their strategic goals.


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