Our Passion
From website optimization to financial software providers, we have a technology partner for all your eCommerce needs.
There are more than 500,000 small and medium-sized eCommerce stores in the U.S. and even more around the world. Our passion is helping them compete against the big guys like Amazon and Walmart. We (the springbots) spend late nights and early mornings making advanced marketing technologies that are typically only available to large enterprises – making them simple and affordable for everyone. We call it the democratization of data and technology.
In his book, David and Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell said “Most fail to recognize the advantages an underdog brand has when it faces off against a competitor who has strength, size and wealth. And that’s exactly why nimble, upstart companies, with their new solutions to old problems, often can beat Goliaths.” Springbot’s eCommerce Marketing Robotics™ Platform is that new solution that will help you beat the giants.
How To Compete With the eCommerce Giants.

We optimizes digital marketing for hundreds of eCommerce retailers. On average, our customers experience a 15 percent increase in monthly order volume and an 8 percent increase in average order value when they leverage the power of the Springbots (our army of marketing robots). This equates to a 23 percent increase in monthly revenue!

So how does this happen? Simple.


Increased your marketing confidence leads to increased marketing activity.
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Set it and forget it marketing makes them money while they sleep (or have fun).
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And most importantly, targeted and timely marketing drives more conversions.
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Customer Insights to Personalize Marketing
Marketing Actions Optimized for Better ROI
Product Insights for More Conversions
Our Core Values

The springbots love helping eCommerce retailers grow. And it’s fun because we have smart and super cool customers that sell everything from preppy clothes to kick-ass skateboards. Here’s the Springbot commitment to our customers, investors, communities and each other:

We grow customers into fans.

We always deliver on our promises.

We celebrate what makes us unique.

We live the journey as a team.


We’re looking for wicked smart people that love to have fun and are passionate about helping the small guy take on the giants. Please check out our careers page for a complete listing of our current opportunities and to find out more about why you should become a springbot.

About Our Leadership

The Springbot Leadership Team has years of experience in retail tech and eCommerce, and is committed to providing growing businesses with the tools they need to achieve their strategic goals.

Board of Directors