7 Ecommerce Marketing Tactics that Turn Shoppers Into Buyers: Tip Three


Welcome back to the third installment of our blog series that focuses on how to increase conversions for your eCommerce store.  Today we are going to focus on the importance of site optimization and site performance, a crucial tactic as we approach the holiday buying season.

Site Optimization

While not necessarily a specific marketing tactic, your site performance is crucial to conversions, keeping your visitors engaged with a fast website has a significant impact on your results. Whether you employ DIY optimization tactics or use an optimization service, increasing your sites speed and performance will positively impact your revenue. Tenzing Site Optimizer is a service that their eCommerce clients use to improve the performance of their Magento Store, increasing site speeds, conversions and even average order value. To learn more check out their ebook The 10 User Engagement Metrics Anyone Can Use, have a look at their webinar on DIY Optimization or contact them about a free trial of Tenzing Site Optimizer.

Scalable Infrastructure

Another tactic important to conversions is the performance of a store’s eCommerce site. As the holiday season approaches many retailers struggle with their site performance under peak load, especially after marketing campaigns drop. Shoppers won’t become buyers if they have to wait too long for a site to load. To help stores maintain their site performance without over investing in infrastructure, Tenzing offers Magento Optimized Hosting on AWS. Their managed hosting offering combines the flexibility and scalability of the AWS platform with Tenzing’s core and advanced managed services to allow your Magento store to scale when you need it most. They deliver a scalable, reliable and secure cloud platform, specifically tuned to deliver blazingly fast performance on Magento, no matter what comes your way.