An eCommerce Marketer’s New Year’s Resolution

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How well are your New Year’s resolutions going? More specifically, how are your eCommerce marketing resolutions coming along—the ones you made towards the end of the year to grow your online store?

If your resolutions have fallen by the wayside or if you’re still looking for inspiration, look no further. We’ve come up with some worthy New Year’s resolutions for eCommerce marketers that you can adopt right now to help improve your eCommerce store this year:

Make Your Customer Service Outstanding

As customers, we have come to expect decent customer service from every business. What we don’t always expect is a business that goes above and beyond to help us out, which is why it makes such a lasting impact on us.

At Springbot, we’re proud to say that our own Customer Success team has experienced this firsthand. When you have a customer service team that is friendly and ready to help when your customers need it most, they will become your biggest fans.

Make it a goal this year to provide the best customer service to your customers. Not only will you increase sales and gain loyal customers, but your customers are sure to appreciate it as well.

Become a Master of Video Content

Video content marketing was on the rise last year, and it’s continuing to grow in 2017. In fact, a report from Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update says that 75 percent of mobile traffic will be video by 2020. That means that if you want to harness the power of video to grow your online store, now is the time to start!

Videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story, promote new products, and drive more traffic to your eCommerce store. Learn how to use each video format correctly, and you can expect to see higher engagement, retention rates, and click-throughs.

Improve Brand Transparency

Millennials are more distrusting of big brands than other generations and want businesses to be more authentic. By improving your brand’s transparency, you can make your customers feel more confident in their purchasing decisions and increase their loyalty to your brand.

To increase your brand’s transparency, you need to be completely honest with your customers.  This could mean telling them exactly where and how your products are made or just owning up to a mistake your company made. Even if you don’t want to admit your missteps, your customers will appreciate the honesty and want to build their relationship with you because of it.

Automate Your Marketing

This year, it’s time to stop doing those repetitive marketing tasks and let automated software do some of the heavy lifting. Building customer segments, sending out personalized emails, tracking social conversions across all channels—it can all be made simple with automated marketing software.

So, why aren’t more business owners switching to automated marketing? Most likely, it’s because they think that, with so many robust features, this type of technology has to cost them a pretty penny.

The great news is that automated marketing solutions are more affordable than ever. Our own digital marketing platform has a variety of pricing options that will fit every budget—from new online merchants to established eCommerce stores.

So, if you’re ready to compete with your biggest rivals in 2017, stop wasting your precious time and resources and start automating your marketing!

Create an Omnichannel Experience

If you aren’t familiar with omnichannel marketing, it refers to the multichannel sales approach that provides a seamless experience to customers, regardless of channel or device. For example, a customer may view one of your products on their mobile device, talk with your company via social media, and then go into your store to purchase the product.

It’s quickly becoming the standard for businesses and will continue to grow in 2017, which is why marketers need to learn how to do it right to attract more loyal customers and grow their eCommerce store. Make it your goal to adopt an omnichannel approach to marketing and give your customers a better, more integrated experience.