5 DIY Spring Inspirations for an eCommerce Marketer

If you want your online store to attract new visitors and drive more sales, you need to keep things fresh and exciting. Spring is nearly here, and now is the perfect opportunity for you to revitalize your store after a long, gray winter.

We know that it can be difficult for digital marketers to come up with fresh ideas all the time. Below are some spring inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing!

Update Your eCommerce Site Design

A well-designed site is critical to your eCommerce store’s success, and you should be updating it to reflect current trends and usability practices. Be wary of updating based on current trends, though. Make sure the changes you implement are consistent with your brand and target customer.

 Your eCommerce Inspiration:  Shwood

Schwood’s web design makes use of excellent photography and video to capture the consumer’s attention.  The video on their homepage is particularly inspiring and features a man hand-selecting the wood that will eventually be made into the brand’s sunglasses.

Scrub Your Database to Boost Your Campaigns

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels today, and every online retailer needs to be taking advantage of this. To do that, a clean and up-to-date marketing automation database is essential.

Your eCommerce Inspiration:  First Aid & Safety

With a clean marketing database, First Aid & Safety saw a 112 percent ROI on their target email campaigns. Without being weighed down by bad data, First Aid & Safety was able to create customized segments based on buying patterns and increase their email open rates dramatically, resulting in boosted conversion rates. You can learn more about their success story here!

Refresh Product Descriptions

Images catch the consumer’s attention, but your product descriptions are often what convinces them to buy. Using the same product descriptions provided by the manufacturer is not only bad for your SEO, but it also misses the opportunity to sell your product in a unique way.

If you aren’t the best at crafting unique product descriptions, consider hiring a professional to write them for you. Refreshing your product descriptions can boost your conversion rates and drive more revenue for your eCommerce store this spring.

Your eCommerce Inspiration:  ToyShades

Image link:  http://www.toyshades.com/collections/best-sellers-home/products/lowery-havana-gloss

ToyShades, a vintage eyewear brand, nails their product descriptions (and their overall product pages). Not only do they provide consumers with vivid descriptions of their products, but they also include essential information such as measurements, frame quality, sun protection, and more.

Clean Up the Checkout Process

Every eCommerce merchant wants to lower their shopping cart abandonment rate. One of the top reasons consumers leave during checkout is because the checkout process is too complicated.  This spring, it’s time to remove the obstacles that are frustrating your visitors so that you can improve your conversions.

Your eCommerce Inspiration: Amazon

If there is one eCommerce site that does checkout well, it’s Amazon. The eCommerce giant makes repeat purchasing insanely easy for customers with their one-click ordering feature, and they just recently made the purchasing process even more simple with their Amazon Dash Buttons.

The key takeaway: Keep your forms short and simple, give the customer plenty of payment options, and you will make your customers happier and more likely to complete a purchase!

Revamp Your Social Media Campaigns

Video marketing is a hot topic in 2017, and many eCommerce marketers are using it with huge success in their social media campaigns. Facebook Live, 360-videos, and high-quality product demonstration videos are all over social media, and this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

If you want to use videos this spring, now is the time to get started. According to Social Media Examiner, only 16 percent of marketers experimented with live video in 2016, which means that you can put your brand ahead of the competition by getting an early start with video marketing.

Additionally, 71 percent of marketers said that their video marketing content performance was either somewhat or better than other types of marketing content.

With an effective video marketing strategy, you can engage your followers on social media and drive more traffic to your eCommerce store.

Your eCommerce Inspiration: Dunkin Donuts

Take a look at Dunkin Donut’s Facebook Feed and notice their excellent use of video content to engage their followers. In addition to their short videos, they have also used Facebook Live to provide their followers with an inside look at Dunkin’ Brands University, where they make their delicious products.

Melanie Cohn, Dunkin Donut’s Social Media Manager, said that their first Facebook Live session was a huge success and garnered over 21,000 viewers in just 13 minutes. The marketing potential is clearly there and could pay off for your own eCommerce store.

We hope that these spring marketing ideas have left you feeling inspired. Have any more spring inspirations to add? Give us a shoutout on Twitter @springbot!