3 Email Capture Pain Points and How To Alleviate Them

As an online retailer, you are very busy trying to promote the latest products, stay ahead of the competition, and fighting to attract new customers online.  You know that capturing email addresses of potential customers to add them to your marketing funnel is critical to increase sales, but what about when things go wrong?

In today’s article, we are going to address some common pain points marketers face when attempting to collect customer data. Don’t worry, we will also tell you how you can solve those problems.

  1. Not Getting Many Email Subscribers

Maybe your email list is growing at the rate of snail speed? Take a look at your Google analytics. If you see that you are getting plenty of visitors to your site, but people are not sharing their contact data there could be a few problem areas that you need to fix:

  • Trust – Is your brand trust worthy? Does your website look legit? Make sure each of your products have a full description. Provide some testimonials on your site. Building trust with your potential clients is worth a million dollars. Get some more ideas on how to build trust with your audience. SmallBizTrends wrote this article – Ways to Build Trust with Prospects.
  • Make an Offer – Many online retailers offer an incentive for users to subscribe to their email newsletter. Just the other day I was on Moo.com looking for printing options for company business cards. They offered me free shipping for signing up for their email newsletter. This made me opt-in even though I was not ready to buy.
  1. Not Completing Your Subscribe Process

Have you noticed that users start to go through your sign up process then disconnect without completing it? In most cases what is happening here is that you are requesting too much information to simply ‘get started.’ Scale your data collection form back. The shorter the web form is the more likely they are to proceed through the buying process. When the user is ready to ‘check out’, then request the other critical information to complete the sale.

  1. Too Many Typos / Bad Email Addresses Captured
    This happens often. Customers might be opting in to your email lead capture, but sometimes they are not always paying attention. Typos happen all the time, and the occurrence rate is even higher when users are trying to opt-in via their mobile device. You need to have a layer of protection in place to make sure you collect the right email address the first time.XVerify is a great tool that focuses on real time email verification. This can work with the existing webform that you already have to show an error message to the user when a bad email address is put in. If you can alert the prospect of the problem, you can convert them into a lead.

Now that you know how to resolve some of the common pain points with data collection, and before you spend any more money on website traffic, start to improve your site. Make sure your site is credible and that it contains relevant information of the user’s interest. Cut back on the amount of information you want your user to provide before going through the check-out process, and put a layer of protection in place to validate customer data.

About the Author

Krista Barrack is an email verification specialist at XVerify. She helps digital marketers improve email campaign success through data verification. Outside of the office, Krista also enjoys traveling, fitness, reading, and listening to podcasts.