Update Your Automated Triggered Emails with a Holiday Message

Notepad for christmas letter

If you’ve already embraced automated triggered emails as a marketing strategy for your company, then you know how effective they are when it comes to capturing revenue and building loyalty with your customers. Sending exactly the right personalized message to your customers at the ideal time can help assure them that they’re valued and considered. These messages are powerful for recovering lost sales due to abandoned carts, encouraging repeat business, and engaging new customers.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can update your existing triggered email campaigns with holiday messaging to generate even more sales.

Prep your subscribers for the winter holidays.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. Settle on what deals and specials you’ll be offering ahead of time, and decide which coupon codes and offers you’ll send out and to which customers. Don’t forget to compose a well-crafted subject line that’s sure to grab the recipient’s attention. Include a warm, heartfelt holiday message to put your customers in the shopping mood.

Now is the time to send those win-back emails.

The holidays are the perfect time to re-engage subscribers and customers that haven’t finalized a purchase in a while. Update your win-back triggered emails with a warm holiday message and a special “just for you” promotion or coupon code. This encourages inactive subscribers to not only open your emails but also click through to your site and consider making a purchase. If there’s one thing no one can resist around the holidays, it’s a really great deal on that perfect gift they’ve been scouring the web for.

Don’t forget about your abandoned cart emails.

Abandoned cart emails are already among the most important triggered emails you’ll ever send. After all, an astonishing 66% of all cart conversion occur because of such email. The hectic nature of the holiday season makes abandoned cart emails that are sent at the right times even more important. During this time of year, people visit more new eCommerce sites and do more comparison shopping than they normally would. It’s easy for one of the many options they might be considering to get lost in the shuffle.

That said, it could pay off to update not only your actual email message with the spirit of the holiday season in mind, but also to come up with new compelling subject lines that make it virtually impossible for that customer not to take notice. Remind them that the holiday season is at hand, that supplies are limited, or that the clock is ticking on a special limited time offer.

Take personalization to the next level.

Not only does updating your triggered email with holiday messaging help you take advantage of the mindset your customers are in right now, but it also helps reinforce your relationship with those same customers. Nothing is warmer and more personal than a holiday greeting, and nothing makes people feel more valued quite like being remembered during the holidays. Your triggered emails are a golden opportunity to foster those good feelings in a truly effective way.

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