7 Tips for Turning Last Year’s Holiday Data Into 2016 Success


This month, we teamed up with AdRoll for our webinar “Have Your Best Holiday Season Ever: How Data from Other SMBs Can Help. It was packed with vital tips and information retailers need to have their most successful holiday selling season ever! Our presenters Elliott Walker from AdRoll, and our very own Amber Haack and Erika Jolly Brookes from Springbot gave us not only key stats and trends for holiday consumers, but also actionable strategies for capturing more revenue during the holidays. Check out the webinar on-demand below:

We had a number of insightful questions roll through from our audience, and we’ve shared them below so everyone can benefit from them.

1. I’m new to retargeting…I only have general ads for my store. Do you have suggestions for making them more holiday themed? 

Absolutely! Let our team help you through AdRoll’s Design Squad! If you’re a Springbot customer, just reach out to your Account Manager at help@springbot.com and they’ll get you started! And if you’re with AdRoll directly, you can request this through your dashboard.

2. If we use AdRoll only through Springbot – how do we access the free design service?

AdRoll’s Design Squad is available through your dedicated Springbot Account Manager. Just reach out to them at help@springbot.com and they’ll get you started!

3. Should I distribute my budget across web and social evenly?

Our recommendation is to start with an even budget across web and social, and then to assess on a regular basis what channel is performing the best for you and to shift budget accordingly.

4. Can you explain how dynamic ads work?

A dynamic ad is an ad that displays a product feed based on what products the customer viewed on your website. For example, if a customer is on your website and looks at a hat, shirt, and shoes and then navigates away to a site like Weather.com, your ad will rotate through showing the customer the hat, shirt, and shoes that they viewed on your site. It’s magic!

5. What is a good budget to get started with retargeting?

You want to think about how much of your audience you want to influence when you set a budget for retargeting. The number of unique visitors to a website has a strong correlation with potential retargeting budget. Sites that have more traffic are able to effectively spend more on retargeting.

When setting up a campaign, you should keep this factor in mind to ensure campaigns are successful and are reaching their full potential. As a general rule we’d recommend these buckets to influence the majority of your audience and get the max benefit from your campaign:

  • <1000 site visitors a month = $100/month on retargeting
  • Up to 5000 site visitors = $399/month on retargeting
  • Up to 10,000 site visitors = $750/month on retargeting

Your AdRoll or Springbot rep can walk you through a formula for determining what budget will reach what percentage of your audience.

For even more holiday retargeting tips, download the AdRoll + Springbot Holiday Retargeting Checklist below!



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