Providing the Best Omnichannel Experience for Holiday Shoppers

omnichannel holiday marketing

  Successful omnichannel marketing can be a challenging thing to master, but as an eCommerce business, it’s our job to overcome obstacles and improve the shopping experience for our customers. With the holiday season upon us, consumers will be in a shopping frenzy, bouncing from multiple devices and platforms to ensure that they get the…

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Start Maximizing Your Data Today to Attract More Holiday Shoppers

holiday shopping data

Once again, it’s that time of the year when shoppers are locked into buying mode. Is your online store prepared to capitalize on the seasonal shopping frenzy and attract more holiday shoppers? To drive more holiday revenue, give yourself the gift of data. We’re willing to bet that you have a goldmine of information that…

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The Secrets to Building an Online Business Supplies and Equipment Store

online business

For business supplies and equipment companies looking to add new revenue streams in 2018, we have some good news. With online sales increasing by 12 percent in 2016, trends show that eCommerce growth in this category remains steady. This also means competition is fiercer than ever. The increasing number of mergers and the reduction of…

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2018 eCommerce Trends: Looking Beyond the Holiday Season

2018 eCommerce Trends

Many digital marketers spend weeks leading up to the holiday season putting the finishing touches on their holiday marketing campaigns. With eCommerce sales expected to reach $114 billion between November and January this year, it’s only logical for you to be hyper-focused on your eCommerce performance over the coming weeks. If you’re ready to grow…

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Springbot Spotlight: Getting to Know Austin DeAngelis, VP of Sales

springbot spotlight austin deangelis

We sat down with Austin DeAngelis, VP of sales and employee number five, at Springbot to get insight into his background, perspective on sales management and candidates as well as what differentiates the Springbot experience. Austin, let’s start with your background, including where you are from and an overview of your college and work experience.…

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eCommerce Holiday Shopping: Drive Revenue with Live Chat

Online shopping has come a long way in recent years, but eCommerce retailers still face a few challenges this holiday season. One brooding issue is overcoming obstacles that stand between a potential customer and their path to purchase. What if we told you there is a simple way to stop holiday shoppers from abandoning their carts? …

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Retailer’s Guide to Transitioning Into the eCommerce Market

eCommerce market

Before the explosion of digital technology, the best way to expand your brand’s reach was to open multiple brick-and-mortar stores in bustling neighborhoods. Luckily today, there are new options when it comes to scaling your business. If your retail revenue has hit a ceiling, then it’s time to think about transitioning into the eCommerce market.…

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eCommerce Holiday Survival Guide

holiday survival guide

The holidays summon joyful feelings, but they can also bring a hefty dose of stress — especially if you’re an eCommerce business. Between prepping your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, testing your website, reviewing your marketing data and creating holiday-themed landing pages, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. You’ve put a lot of thought into…

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eCommerce Tips for Savvy Holiday Shipping

holiday shipping

Have you been keeping tabs on eCommerce shopping trends lately? With online sales predicted to reach up to $443 billion by the end of the year, there’s no denying the steady shift towards online spending. As the holidays creep closer, what steps have you taken to make sure your online store is prepared for the…

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