5 Ways to Prepare your Site for Holiday Traffic

holiday marketing

If last month’s solar eclipse frenzy taught us anything, it’s that sudden surges in traffic can lead to complete chaos if proper precautions aren’t in place. As an online merchant, you can expect similar spikes in web traffic this holiday season. It’s important to begin prepping your eCommerce site now to avoid potential traffic jams…

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Current Trends in the Automotive Industry

ecommerce automotive

Despite facing significant challenges, the automotive industry is ripe with opportunity for business owners who embrace innovation and change. Whether you sell car parts online or own a dealership, it pays to know which trends are currently shaping your industry. Although we can’t say for certain what the future holds, these current trends can give…

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Tips from the eCommerce Pros: Mastering PPC Campaigns for Holiday Marketing

ecommerce holiday marketing

Is your pay-per-click (PPC) strategy ready for the upcoming holiday season? We don’t mean to alarm you, but there are only two months left until we reach the height of holiday spending. Given that nearly half of eCommerce marketers plan to launch holiday campaigns before October, we guarantee your competitors are prepping early this year.…

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Top eCommerce Competitors in the Food & Beverage Industry

amazon food and beverage

2017 will no doubt be known as the year of online grocery shopping. The online sale of food is booming and consumer spending on online grocery shopping could reach $100 million by 2025. Despite the rosy picture this may paint, small- and medium-sized eCommerce retailers still face stiff competition from the likes of Amazon, as…

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Tips from the eCommerce Pros: How to Ace Selling Outdoor Goods Online

outdoor goods online store

Outdoor goods store owners, this one is for you! Have you considered walking out of the woods and into online entrepreneurial territory? Maybe you’ve successfully launched an online store, but products aren’t flying off the shelves like you expected. Well, you’re in good company. Many successful eCommerce stores admit to experiencing a slow start when…

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Household Goods: Sell More with a Powerful Brand Community

household goods

Online merchants in the household goods industry face a few big challenges, like converting loyal Amazon shoppers or competing with preferred brick-and-mortar stores. How can a small eCommerce merchant compete with such fierce competition? Rest assured, it is possible to make your online store the first place consumers go to for household goods. For this to…

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eCommerce Marketing: How to Tailgate for the Holidays Like a Pro

tailgating for the holidays

Last year, online holiday spending accounted for a whopping $122.9 billion, according to data from the National Retail Foundation. This greatly exceeded the marketing prediction of $110 billion, set earlier in the year. That’s a healthy increase of 12.6 percent from the preceding year. The upcoming holiday season looks just as bright for online retailers,…

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Today’s Top 3 Fastest Growing eCommerce Industries

Things change quickly in today’s online marketplace. eCommerce industries that saw rapid growth only five years ago have since been overtaken by new sectors. These market shifts have had a significant impact on the outdoor apparel industry in particular. After years of steady online growth, revenue for outdoor apparel is slowing down as a few…

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An eCommerce Marketer’s Guide to Mastering Facebook Ads

For every eCommerce marketer who has success using Facebook ads, it seems as though there are just as many negative stories of marketers throwing their money at failed Facebook ad campaigns. It’s true that advertising on Facebook isn’t the right choice for every business, but most of these failures can likely be chalked up to…

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4 Key Email Marketing Campaigns for Back to School Shoppers

As the end of summer draws near and parents prepare to send their kids back to school, online retailers begin gearing up for the holiday season. Back-to-school shopping is the season’s first big revenue mile-marker. Every year, sales for apparel, books, computers, office equipment and sporting goods spike, resulting in a retail flurry expected to reach…

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