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6 eCommerce Marketing Tips for a Sizzling Summer Retail Season

Mastering your eCommerce marketing strategy can take some time, but implementing the right combination of techniques will expand your brand’s influence and ensure that your business continues to grow. Summer is the perfect time to begin strategizing for the coming months. Though winter may seem like a distant memory when you’re spending your weekends at…

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7 eCommerce Tips for Building an Engaged Email Marketing List

Email marketing can be one of the most vital aspects of your eCommerce company’s marketing strategies because it attracts new shoppers and keeps previous customers engaged with your brand. However, maintaining a successful email campaign requires a good deal of thought and effort. With an increasing number of people using the internet on a daily…

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Back-to-School Shopping Strategies for all eCommerce Merchants

The three to four weeks before the start of the school year has become one of the most popular shopping seasons in the U.S. In 2018, eCommerce back-to-school shopping reached $58.1 billion, with 66.7 percent of shoppers making purchases from a desktop computer. Based on Shopify’s recent statistics, college-aged students are the best target audience…

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Winning Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Sellers


For SMB (small to medium business) owners, Amazon’s Marketplace can be a great resource to build a solid customer base and begin spreading brand awareness. Most eCommerce shop owners use multiple platforms to sell their products, including their own website and Amazon Marketplace amongst other options. When you opt to become a seller through the…

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Delivering a Stellar eCommerce User Experience with Product Imagery Best Practices

User experience is a driving factor in eCommerce because shoppers expect a certain level of efficiency and transparency when browsing online. Creating a site that is easy to navigate will enhance the user experience but displaying effective and compelling product imagery is a critical way to draw customers to your site and build an authoritative…

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3 SEM Tactics for Consumer Good Retailers to Drive Traffic

In 2017, the consumer packaged goods industry generated over 90 percent of its growth from digital sales. The ratio of digital versus brick-and-mortar growth has marked a stark turning point for the industry. However, the consumer goods industry has been slow to adapt to rapidly shifting buyer behaviors, preferences and retail channels, thereby leaving the…

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Why SMB Retailers Should Make Site Traffic a Priority Early in the Year

As an eCommerce business owner, you realize that the more web traffic you get to your site, the more opportunities you have to expose your business to new consumers and potentially boost conversion rates. Most companies received an unusual spike in traffic and revenue during the holiday shopping season, but don’t let your business lose…

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Marketing Campaigns SMBs Can Leverage to Clean Out Seasonal Inventory

As the months progress, SMBs may be scrambling to clear out seasonal inventory like holiday-related products or discontinued product lines. Instead of crowding your warehouse with items that are out of season, try offering special sales and promotions to push these items out the door. Clearance sales is a common tactic for inventory management, but…

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5 Takeaways From Our Webinar With Liquid Web and Zao

eCommerce marketing data

Recently, our VP of Customer Success Amber Haack sat on a webinar panel with Zao Founder Justin Sainton and A.J. Morris, Product Manager of WooCommerce Hosting at Liquid Web. The webinar, Continuing the Momentum After the Holidays, provided a framework for how eCommerce merchants can find success even after the big holiday season has passed. You can view the webinar…

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