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eCommerce Marketing: The Best Times to Send Emails

When launching a new business, timing is everything. This is definitely the case for eCommerce companies, especially since digital consumers are more engaged now than ever before. When a customer is clued into communication from your company around the clock — via email, social media and other channels — it makes determining “smart timing” somewhat…

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Four Key Email Marketing Campaigns for Back to School Shoppers

Have you considered launching a back-to-school campaign? It’s not too late! There’s still a huge opportunity for you to rake in the revenue this fall with a few highly effective email marketing campaigns. Here are four data-driven email marketing solutions guaranteed to catch the attention of back-to-school shoppers. Highlight Your Products with Back-to-School Welcome Emails…

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7 Ways to Boost Engagement with Your Email Marketing Campaign

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It’s no secret that email is one of the most powerful marketing channels for eCommerce marketers. Whether you’re trying to build meaningful relationships with customers, generate buzz over a new product, or increase sales, email is the clear winner for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMB). You’ve probably heard this all before, which is why it’s…

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Why Email Is Still King

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As most digital marketers know, the online marketplace changes fast. Marketing tactics that were once effective can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Despite rapidly changing trends and technologies, email is the one marketing channel that continues to outperform the rest. According to a 2017 Email Marketing Industry Census, email marketing earned the…

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A Champion’s Guide to Email Marketing

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Smart eCommerce marketers know that email is anything but dead. In fact, it remains the number one driver of ROI out of any marketing channel, which may be why nearly half of small business owners plan to increase their email marketing budgets this year. With the competition growing by the minute, you will need to…

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Essential Email Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

By now, you know that email marketing is one of the most powerful tools that an eCommerce marketer can have in their arsenal. We’ve all read countless articles about how cost-effective email marketing is or how it’s 40 times more effective at lead generation than Facebook and Twitter combined. Perhaps you’re sold on the power…

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The Key to a Mobile Friendly Email Campaign

It has been years since news first broke that email-opens on mobile surpassed those on desktop.  Despite this fact, relatively few eCommerce marketers have managed to keep up and optimize their email campaigns for mobile viewing. This is understandable, considering that optimizing for mobile wasn’t exactly easy at the time for the average email marketer…

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Determining the Right Email Sending Frequency for Your Store

Email sending frequency can be a tricky subject for eCommerce owners. After taking the time to build up a list of quality subscribers, the last thing you want to do is squander your efforts by sending content to their inbox at the wrong time. How often should you be sending emails? The unsatisfying answer: it…

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