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5 Reasons Why eCommerce SMBs Should Leverage AdRoll to Drive Sales

Thanks to today’s ever-expanding technology innovations, there are hundreds of online tools you can use to help run a successful eCommerce business. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, it helps to understand that there are essentially two ways to gain website traffic and attract consumers. SEO (search engine optimization) uses a series…

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Turn Passive Visitors Into Customers With an Onsite Abandonment Strategy

onsite abandonment

Onsite abandonment is a widespread issue throughout the eCommerce industry. When a potential shopper visits your site, adds items to a shopping cart or browses the site before completing the transaction, this is considered onsite abandonment. In the first quarter of 2018, Statista recorded that 75.6 percent of online shoppers left eCommerce sites before purchasing…

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Marketing Guide: Leveraging Native Ads to Bolster Site eCommerce Traffic

In an ever-evolving eCommerce world, one thing’s for certain— brands that capture the attention of their core consumers come out on top. Newly defined advertising strategies pop up all the time — that’s what sets digital marketing apart from the old world of traditional marketing — and some work better than others. Today, we’re taking…

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The Future of Online Ads for eCommerce Marketing

It’s been 24 years since AT&T ran its first banner ad on Netscape, and things couldn’t be more different today. Back then, it was all about the bright, broad and in-your-face. Today, the most successful online ad campaigns are more subtle and leverage user demographics and consumer behavior to target the right audience. Let’s take…

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eCommerce Strategies: Leveraging Customer Segmentation With Online Ads

These days, digital marketers strive for personalization at every level, especially with online ads. One of the best ways to deliver a more personalized experience is through segmentation. This strategy divides a relatively broad consumer base into sub-groups based on demographics, which can help you deliver the right messaging to the right potential shopper at…

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eCommerce Tips: Understanding Online Ad Retargeting With AdRoll

Ad retargeting is good for your bottom line — it can boost your click-through rate, help you get more impressions and clinch those almost-sales. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s make sure that you have a solid understanding of how retargeting works. In simple terms, it’s when you use advertising to target users…

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The Rise of Programmatic Advertising and Its Impact on eCommerce

Remember the time when you actually had to hire someone to place your ads? These days, companies are investing a lot more in marketing solutions that eliminate human error, inefficiency and time-wasting, like programmatic advertising. Artificially intelligent ad-buying robots are probably the future of advertising but don’t go firing your marketing team just yet. You…

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