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Feature Spotlight

Feature Spotlight: How Springbot's eCommerce Reports Take the Guess Work Out of ROI

Every day, you take multiple marketing actions — creating social media posts, sending newsletters, optimizing triggered emails, building retargeting ads, and more. These actions produce a lot of data, and by a lot of data we mean big data. How can you take that information and turn it into valuable insights to guide your marketing strategy? We have…

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Feature Spotlight: Instagram Shop Drives More Product Conversions

Nearly a year ago, we released our first Instagram integration that monetizes retailers’ profiles by allowing customers to shop their products right from the app. To do this, store owners create a custom landing page through their Springbot dashboard that features selected products from their stores with the option to go directly to the product…

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How Springbot's New RFM Segments Helps You Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

  Springbot’s product development team is completely obsessed with making our platform more valuable for our customers, and we’re completely okay with that. Their latest feature release reflects their dedication to providing value to our customers by showing them the value of their customers. The new feature, RFM Segments, automatically groups a store’s customer base…

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Feature Spotlight: Our New Customer Segmentation and Reporting Capabilities

Imagine you are the marketing manager for an online eCommerce store. It’s Friday afternoon and your boss emails you with a last minute request: “We are behind on our monthly revenue goal. I would like to figure out our top 3 buying segments and create an email campaign that targets them with an exclusive offer. Can…

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Springbot's New Feature Lets You Track Revenue, Cost, & ROI of Promo Codes

Remember the new upcoming feature for promo codes we talked about? It’s here! We’ve officially launched Promo Codes so you can track the total revenue, orders generated, revenue lost, average order value, and return on investment for each of the promo codes you use. This means you won’t have to spend hours manually calculating these…

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