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eCommerce Marketing Tips: Build Your Brand with a Marketing Calendar

The most successful eCommerce businesses make a name for the company and attract loyal customers, in part, because of a well-established brand. Building a brand can be more difficult than most business owners think. You want to make your company more than just a business providing products or services — a brand should encompass a…

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Your eCommerce Guide to Mastering Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is one of the most important days of the holiday season for retailers, and quite possibly one of the most profitable days of the entire year. According to BigCommerce, Black Friday sales account for one-fifth of all holiday shopping, a period that often spans across two months. Since 2008, Black Friday eCommerce sales have…

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Marketing Guide: Leveraging Native Ads to Bolster Site eCommerce Traffic

In an ever-evolving eCommerce world, one thing’s for certain— brands that capture the attention of their core consumers come out on top. Newly defined advertising strategies pop up all the time — that’s what sets digital marketing apart from the old world of traditional marketing — and some work better than others. Today, we’re taking…

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An eCommerce Marketer’s Guide to Mastering Facebook Ads

For every eCommerce marketer who has success using Facebook ads, it seems as though there are just as many negative stories of marketers throwing their money at failed Facebook ad campaigns. It’s true that advertising on Facebook isn’t the right choice for every business, but most of these failures can likely be chalked up to…

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Watch Erika Brookes' Magento Imagine 2016 Presentation [+ Free eBook]!

At Magento Imagine 2016 this year, we presented a breakout session on how omnichannel marketing is bridging the gap between merchants and today’s hyper-connected buyer. Our Chief Marketing Officer Erika Brookes presented on how mobile has changed the game for retail and has led to an increased need for a more integrated retail experience. This…

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