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eCommerce Takeaways from Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

One of the most important times of the year for retailers, the four days that follow Thanksgiving are considered the official kick-off for the holiday shopping season, pulling in a large percentage of annual sales. Last year, the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought in a staggering one billion dollars in revenue. With…

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Why Email Validation is Crucial for Growing Subscriber Lists

Note: This is a blog by our friends at TowerData  a technology company that powers people-based marketing with real-time, comprehensive and accurate data. With TowerData’s suite of services, marketers can improve the quality, depth and reach of their data to meet customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time. TowerData’s…

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eCommerce and Email Marketing: Leveraging User Data to Stand Out in Customer Inboxes

For eCommerce sites, there are several effective methods for boosting your brand exposure and lead generation, but email marketing continues to offer the strongest return on investment over all digital channels. In the past, general campaigns used to be the standard practice for email campaigns, but current data shows that consumers respond better to personalized…

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How to Incorporate Video into your eCommerce Holiday Strategy

In recent years, video has become the key to online success, contributing to an increasingly high amount of traffic. Inc. magazine highlighted a staggering statistic published by Cisco, which estimates that by 2019, video will make up more than 80 percent of global internet traffic. Because so many users are gravitating towards this form of…

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Your eCommerce Guide to Mastering Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is one of the most important days of the holiday season for retailers, and quite possibly one of the most profitable days of the entire year. According to BigCommerce, Black Friday sales account for one-fifth of all holiday shopping, a period that often spans across two months. Since 2008, Black Friday eCommerce sales have…

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