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First Aid & Safety saw a 95% increase in Amazon sales after one year with Springbot’s Amazon integration.

“Working with Springbot has allowed us to analyze the people we are reaching which enables us to better prioritize our messages for various marketing channels. For example, we now know that we typically have a higher conversion rate on Facebook than other social sites. Springbot has even given us insight into what the product price threshold for Facebook is – allowing us to post products that will interest our Facebook audience and allow us a higher conversion rate.”

Matt Watson,

Cofounder of Country Club Prep



Springbot’s dashboard enables you to effortlessly match your products to pre-existing listings on Amazon. What once was an inconvenient and time consuming task is now an easy and painless way to increase your product’s visibility in eCommerce’s largest marketplace. Good product matching is a critical component to listing your product on Amazon because it allows more customers to find and view your product, which in turn will increase overall sales. Through our price matching feature, you can view all similar products so that you can gain a crucial competitive edge and compare your selling prices.


Publish your products to Amazon directly from the Springbot dashboard. From Springbot’s publish page, you will have access to all products that you have matched and submitted to Amazon as well as the total number of products that you have listed on Amazon through Springbot.



Springbot’s optimize page provides you with insights and data that you can use to edit your current Amazon listings so that you can stay competitive and successful. Springbot automatically pulls key performance metrics about each of your products so that you can then edit your listings in order to help your products perform as well as possible.

Our real time inventory sync feature is another useful tool that allows Springbot to automatically pull in and update your product inventory using live data from your website, allowing you to always have accurate inventory for your Amazon listings.

Our dashboard also provides you with a feature that tracks and displays your products’ history on Amazon. It will give you an overview of the Amazon price and inventory history for the specific product you are editing. This will allow you to make educated changes to the product listing based on its past performance.


The orders page gives you the capability to view all orders that have been placed on Amazon. This includes the order date, information, details, total, and sync status.