Springbot’s eCommerce marketing platform helps you deliver timely, relevant, data-driven eCommerce marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer lifecycle – tracking ROI, increasing conversions and driving revenue.

It Begins With Seamless Install and Easy Activation.

Following your install (where one of our Magento or Shopify installation experts walks you through the process) all your social, purchase and demographic data is available in your Springbot dashboard. From there you will work with your Customer Success Specialist to set up your dashboard and learn all the features that Springbot offers in five easy steps:


Step 1: Integrate Your Tools with a Self-Guided Setup

Your dedicated Customer Success Specialist will provide you a self-guided setup process so you can integrate all the marketing tools you are currently using into the Springbot dashboard. This will make your first call with Springbot much more efficient.

Step 2: Have A Coaching Call with Your Customer Success Specialist

Now that you’ve done the initial work to setup your dashboard, your Customer Success Specialist will work with you to schedule your first coaching call. During this call, he or she will walk you through how Springbot works, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of the tool.

Step 3: Activate marketing automation and set up campaigns

After your initial coaching call, your Springbot Customer Success Specialist will work with you to setup additional features like automated triggered emails and retargeting with AdRoll. We’ll also use this call to explore your customers’ social, demographic and purchase data in order to better understand your customers for a more personalized marketing approach.

Step 4: Launch your marketing campaigns through Springbot

It’s time to delve deeper into all that Springbot offers by taking the time to explore all the features. We also suggest sending out personalized marketing campaigns, setting up your marketing calendar and even launching your Instagram shopping page. And if you need help, don’t worry, reach out to your Customer Success Specialist who is there to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Step 5: Analyze & optimize your marketing actions in your dashboard

After you’ve launched your first campaigns with Springbot, we recommend that you take the time to review your results and see how your marketing campaigns are performing. And now with more data populating, be sure to review your Springbot Nightly & Weekly Emails so that you can start to get a sense of how your sales, products and your marketing actions are performing on a daily basis.

Ongoing Springbot Success

As soon as you become a Springbot customer, your Customer Success representative will be your dedicated point-of-contact for training and any questions you may have. We also have a self-service Knowledge Base available so you can quickly find answers to common questions you may have!