Google Ads.

Introduce consumers to your brand on the front page of Google.

When shoppers use Google to search for an item they’re looking for, they’re met with product results right at the top of the page. Through Springbot, our eCommerce experts will help you get your products placed in those spots, ensuring that when consumers are searching for an item you sell, they’ll see yours right away.

Two different types of Google Ads you can add to
your eCommerce Marketing Strategy.



These ads are text based – allowing you to craft a compelling message and provide links that lead consumers to various areas of your online store.



Google Shopping Ads appear in the front page and shopping area of search results. The ad displays the product name, price, your store name and even a special offer if you have one.

Full-Funnel Marketing.

Leveraging Google Ads allows ecommerce stores to insert themselves into the very beginning of a buyer’s journey, while consumers are searching for broad product keywords, and at the very end of a buyer’s journey – when a customer is actively looking to make a purchase.


Springbot customers optimizing their eCommerce strategy with Google Ads will be sent comprehensive reports on their ads performance. These reports are sent nightly, and include metrics such as conversions, impressions, clicks and revenue.

Interested in Learning More?

We’re ready to answer your questions! Set up time to speak with one of our eCommerce experts today to learn more about why Springbot’s Google Ad Services are perfect for your business!

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