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Drive new traffic and connect with
shoppers through online ads.


Did you know that 90 percent of site visitors don’t purchase on their first visit?
Boost top-of-funnel ad response up to 400 percent with retargeting!

"Working with Springbot has allowed us to analyze the people we are reaching which enables us to better prioritize our messages for various marketing channels. For example, we now know that we typically have a higher conversion rate on Facebook than other social sites. Springbot has even given us insight into what the product price threshold for Facebook is – allowing us to post products that will interest our Facebook audience and allow us a higher conversion rate.” Matt Watson | Co-Founder of Country Club Prep



Prospecting ads are an online ad type that target look- alike customers for your site. We analyze your store’s consumer data to attract new prospects and drive site traffic. This ad type will not only diversify your marketing strategy, but will also bring new, unique shoppers to your eCommerce store. You will be able to view the results of your campaign, which is further broken down into the following metrics: cost per- click (CPC), cost per new visitor (CPNV), and cost per engaged visitor (CPEV). Our algorithm also reports the number of clicks and impressions you receive so you can easily track your online ad progress.



Are you looking to bring shoppers back to the path of purchase? Retargeting campaigns let you retarget your existing traffic for your eCommerce brands. Springbot’s platform will display online ads and target customers who have previously visited your store. Retargeting campaigns are also a great way to connect stores with your online window shoppers.From adjusting your spending to turning on ads, you’ll have full control of campaigns across each channel. To maximize your campaign’s success, focus your marketing budget on audiences that are most likely to convert through online ads. We’ll show you which ads are directly contributing to your online sales through your Springbot dashboard.




Why combine web and social campaigns? Jointly targeted campaigns across both web and social have shown to increase impressions by up to 92 percent and conversions by 73 percent. You can create a more personalized shopping experience for users that have viewed products on your site by showing the right ad to the right customer at the right time. Through ad selection, your brand can fully implement your marketing strategy. Springbot prioritizes customization that will not only make advertising online more relevant to your customer, but also drive incoming site traffic to better represent your brand. Now, you can take full advantage of targeting and strategic placement of your online ads.





Leave the designing to the creative professionals. AdRoll allows you to submit and serve customized ads that drive your customer back to your site to make a purchase. Our team strives for personalized, professional online ads to reach your desired consumer segment. As part of your onboarding experience, our campaign services team will create the first set of online ads for you. Springbot customers will have access to Design Squad, AdRoll’s network of expert designers who combine their creative experience and best practices to create unique, hand-crafted ads for your brand at no additional costs.




As a Springbot customer, you’ll have access to our reporting dashboard, so you can easily view results and make adjustments. You’ll be able to track your campaign’s progress without ever having to leave the platform. AdRoll is another great tool that will display your ads across websites and social channels. Our ad options let you increase your online presence and generate organic traffic to your site. Through your Springbot dashboard, you will see results for two different types of revenue-generating conversions: click-through conversions (CTC) and view-through conversions (VTC). You’ll also have access to BidIQ, AdRoll’s proprietary, real-time bidding algorithm to ensure you never overpay for ad space. Through our unified dashboard and dynamic reporting capabilities, you’ll have confidence that your ads will always be in the right placement at the right price.

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