Prospecting Ads.

Drive new traffic and connect with shoppers through online ads.

Prospecting ads target look-alike customers for your site. Springbot analyzes your store’s consumer data to attract new prospects and drive site traffic. This ad type will not only diversify your marketing strategy, but will also bring new, unique shoppers to your eCommerce store.

Two Ad Types you can
Leverage in Your Online Strategy.



These online ads will look the same for every prospective site visitor that sees them. What one consumer sees on one site, another will see the exact same ad elsewhere.



This ad type populates the product content on its own – typically with the most popular items from your site. These will differ from consumer to consumer: one potential shopper will see one popular item, and another will see a completely different one.

Professional Ad Creation.

For those new to online ads or those who need to free up some time, our ad team is ready to help. After an initial information gathering, our design experts will create ads for you to review and sign off on before setting them up to run.


You will be able to view the results of your campaign, which is further broken down into the following metrics: cost per- click (CPC), cost per new visitor (CPNV), and cost per engaged visitor (CPEV). Our algorithm also reports the number of clicks and impressions you receive so you can easily track your online ad progress.

Interested in Learning More?

We’re ready to answer your questions! Set up time to speak with one of our eCommerce experts today to learn more about why Springbot’s prospecting ad offering is perfect for your business!


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