Get personal with your customers and subscribers.

Personalization is the key and studies have shown that personalized marketing is consistently successful at driving revenue. With the Springbot platform, you’ll be able to segment your customers and subscribers based on demographic data or behavior, and target those groups with a personalized message through automated messaging, email, SMS and more.

Two Segmentation Types you can
Leverage in Your Online Strategy.



Springbot’s segmentation capabilities allow you to really dive into your customer data. Create segments based on anything from income, age, purchases, email opens and more



For users new to segmenting or those that need to take something off their plate, RFM Segmentation is the perfect solution. Our platform analyzes your customer behavior and segments them in nine different personas for you to leverage in your marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Personas.

Our platform builds out nine different personas for you based on order values, how often a customer purchases and the last time an order was made. From there, your customers are sorted into these nine groups, allowing you to send them timely and relevant messages and maximize the success of your campaigns.

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