Social Marketing

Gain new insight, increase engagement, and attract higher conversion rates.


Through Springbot’s Social Marketing capabilities, customers can gain insight into product price thresholds across your social channels, enabling you to post products that are more likely to attract a higher conversion rate.

“Working with Springbot has allowed us to analyze the people we are reaching which enables us to better prioritize our messages for various marketing channels. For example, we now know that we typically have a higher conversion rate on Facebook than other social sites. Springbot has even given us insight into what the product price threshold for Facebook is – allowing us to post products that will interest our Facebook audience and allow us a higher conversion rate.”

Matt Watson,

Cofounder of Country Club Prep



With the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithmic feed, it’s becoming more difficult for retailers to not only capture their followers’ interest but also measure a return on their investment. Our Shoppable Instagram capability allows you to easily transform your Instagram account into a social storefront that drives social engagement and sales.

We’ll help you create a landing page with featured products to add to your profile’s bio section, reducing the amount of steps to checkout from Instagram and creating a seamless experience for your followers. In essence, you’re walking your followers from your Instagram to the product pages to checkout — all without lifting a finger after the initial setup.


Gain control over the content, timing and reporting of every action you take across your social channels. Through Springbot’s Social hub, you can:

  • Post to social on the go and view reporting through our Mobile Access
  • Use our Idea Hub for recommendations and templates on what to post and when
  • Find out how each social channel is performing and dive deeper into conversions, ROI and more through our Analytics Hub


Whether it’s integrating with Hootsuite or using Springbot’s own interface, you can quickly schedule all of your social posts for the week, day, or month. You’ll also be given recommendations for content and scheduling posts based on your store’s unique data.


Do you know which social network is bringing in the most traffic to your site right now? With Springbot’s Trackable Links tool, you can view the performance of links shared through email, social, web, mobile, blogs and more by creating trackable links straight from your Springbot dashboard. We’ll automatically make all links trackable in the email campaigns and social posts you create through Springbot. It’s that simple.