Exchange data with stores that have similar demographic profiles to drive new customer engagement.

Data powered by Springbot’s Marketing Robotics™.

Springbot is capturing more and more valuable retail data that drives the current Marketing AI and Data Co-op functionality of our Marketing Robotics™ Platform.

What is Springbot's Marketing Robotics™?

Springbot’s Marketing Robotics™ streamlines the process of automating, analyzing and personalizing eCommerce marketing. With its all-in-one platform and data-driven marketing recommendations, Springbot empowers retailers through its core features.

Onsite Abandonment.

With a growing number of eCommerce stores to choose from, consumers are becoming increasingly selective with their online shopping behaviors. Whether it’s site-hopping for the right price or browsing for the best product, the average online shopper visits nearly three sites before completing a transaction.

These days, 86 percent of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand if it delivers personalized marketing messages.If your eCommerce site isn’t equipped with the proper tools to capture the data needed to send these messages, you’re bound to lose customers – it’s that simple.With Onsite Abandonment, SMB retailers can actively target both unknown site visitors and current customers with customized marketing, thereby driving conversions.

Audience Expander.

As the eCommerce environment rapidly expands and transforms, small and medium-sized (SMB) retailers find themselves operating in an increasingly competitive market. In many respects, the long-term health of an eCommerce company is based on how many emails they add to their subscriber list each day. That means growing a high-quality email list should be every eCommerce marketer’s top priority.With Audience Expander, retailers can now apply look-alike audiences to email campaigns and reach prospects who were previously beyond their reach.

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