Springbot Feature Spotlight: A Deeper Dive into Action Details

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The springbots are at it again! Since unveiling our new View Dashboard earlier this year, we thought it was time for some spring make-overs, starting with our Action Detail page.

Why the Action Detail page makeover? It’s easy, our customer’s are BUSY. Between running your store, website and marketing your business, the springbots don’t want you to waste your time on marketing actions that don’t drive traffic and revenue. That’s why we decided to give our Action Detail page some springbot sprucing – providing you with the analytics and data to help you work smarter, not harder.

So what does this makeover look like? Well let’s just say the Action Detail page is now sitting at the popular kids table. The springbots wanted the look of the new Action Detail page to be a continuation of the new View Dashboard – so don’t be surprised to see a lot of similarities when cruising this new page.

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the new Action Detail …

Action Detail Page from Springbot - 1

Look Familiar? Yep, we integrated the Date Range Filter into the new Action Detail page as well so that you can now see how an action performed over a certain time period by revenue, orders or average order value (AOV).

Action Detail Page - 2And because we are so focused on giving you access to your data in every way possible, we even have the option to see your Actions Performance data a myriad of ways including: revenue generated (obviously), order breakdown, what the most popular products purchased were, who purchased and what the referring source was (what they were browsing before they came to your site). We even have the ability for you to easily export all this data into a CSV file, just in case you are one of those spreadsheet types.

Your Actions Performance. Similar to the new View Dashboard, now you can see the overall performance of every action you take in your Springbot dashboard. What’s cool about this? We change the data you see based on the action you take. Let’s say you create a trackable link, we will show you the clicks, conversions and revenue for that link. But if you send a Springbot trackable email campaign through MailChimp (for example), we will show you the number of sends, delivered, opened, open rate, clicks and revenue from that campaign. Pretty cool, right?

Action Detail Page - 3

Order breakdown. Now on to the fun stuff. Who bought what? You can see a full breakdown of each purchase including the customer’s email address, what products they purchased, the total amount of their purchase and even their social media picture if we have it (cool but creepy I know).

Action Detail Blog 111

This Action’s Most Popular Products. Being able to see the top products purchased for your marketing action lets you know what’s selling. Then you can take a deeper look into why this marketing action generated revenue for these specific products (and hopefully replicate it if it was successful for you).

Who Purchased? Let me see the demographics! Now you can see the demographics for the customer’s that purchased as compared to your store’s average. Including New Vs. Return, Gender, Marital Status, Age, Household Income and whether the customer has children.

Action Detail Page from Springbot - 5

Referrer. Wait, what is that? Easy, this is the last site that your customer was on before they made a purchase from your site. This will let you know what site’s your customer’s are cruising before they make a purchase.

Action Detail Page from Springbot - 6

Exporting Data. What’s the coolest part about all of the analytics you find on your new Action Detail page? You can now export all of it to a CSV. This way you can pass along info to a team, prepare for a presentation or show your boss how awesome Springbot is, all by using this feature.


What’s next? So that’s it for the new Action Detail tab. Next on the Springbot agenda? Keep an eye out for a brand new Tags page!