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Do Your Email Campaigns Need a Refresh?

Get inspired with Springbot’s 2020 Email
Lifecycle Design Lookbook!
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We’ve taken all the guesswork out of designing stylish emails and ads with on-point messaging.
In this new guidebook, you get:

  • Fresh design themes for six different email types
  • Easy-to-use breakdowns for how to build messages
  • Copy templates that drive conversions

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What is the Customer Lifecycle?

To put it simply, the customer lifecycle is the journey a consumer takes with your brand. From window shopper to buyer to loyal customer, every stage of this journey requires outreach on a store’s part to keep a shopper engaged with the brand.

It all begins when a consumer first engages with your brand. Once they subscribe to your messaging and follow your social channels, marketers need to help that consumer on their journey to purchase and turn them into a brand advocate in the process. Fortunately for those that are pressed for time, Springbot enables you to fully automate the messaging process - allowing marketers to send the right message at the right time, keeping them relevant to their customers.

Your Lifecycle Marketing Blueprint

We’ve put together examples and templates for all stages of your customer experience, including:

  • Welcome emails to help you wow them from the start
  • Win-back emails that reengage your inactive subscribers
  • Abandoned cart messages that close your open sales
  • Product highlight emails to showcase the right products to the right people
  • Refer-a-friend and discount offer emails to boost your customer base (and your sales!)
  • Sleek, customizable signup forms

All our messages have templates already built in the Springbot platform so marketers can simply apply their branding to them and send. Or those that are able can use are drag-and-drop email editor to build their emails from scratch and save them for future automations.

Keep Your Messaging Sharp and Relevant

Sending messages that resonate with your customers has never been more important. Our copy concepts and templates make it easy for you to say the right thing at the right time.

We’ve included:

  • Email subject lines to boost your open rates
  • Email body copy to help you get inspired
  • Snappy CTAs for all occasions

Follow our templates, or use our ideas as a springboard for your own awesome concepts.


BONUS CONTENT: Adroll and Facebook Ad Templates

Designing your own banner and social ads doesn’t have to be a pain. Our ad templates will give you fresh ideas on how to approach your next campaign. We’ve included multiple sizes and ad formats to help you get the ball rolling.

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