Springbot Campaign Services.

Quality and creative design without the cost of an agency.

At Springbot, we specialize in helping growing business owners lighten the workload. Not every owner or marketer has time to design emails and ads, which is why the design experts on our Campaign Services team are here to help provide amazing looking messages your customers and subscribers will love.

Campaign Services Includes:


If you’re new to email marketing or simply don’t have the time or resources to track your email performance, our Email Campaign Services will work with you to plan and develop custom email templates.


Facebook can be a powerful tool for attracting consumers to your site. Our Campaign Specialists are ready to dig in and develop data-driven campaigns that will increase your site traffic and build your online presence.

Data-Driven Planning.

Our Campaign Specialists work with you to develop marketing campaigns that are based on your online store’s data and reporting.

This means that every campaign will be based on past success and will be further personalized to provide your customers with unique experience from your brand.

Interested in Learning More?

We’re ready to answer your questions! Set up time to speak with one of our eCommerce experts today to learn more about Springbot’s Campaign Services Team!

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