Attracted to Springbot’s hands-on account management and restricted category expertise, Durkin Tactical has leveraged the platform to more than triple their online revenue!

“As a business selling firearms and ammo, we are incredibly restricted in our ability to advertise and grow our following online. With Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment functionality, we’ve been able to capture warm email subscribers at only $.20/subscriber which keeps us at a very healthy ROI. We added over 3,700 email subscribers last quarter and the subscribers keep flowing in!”

Timothy Durkin, Founder and CEO

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Success at a Glance.






SUBSCRIBERS @ $.20/sub.

The Challenge.

One of the biggest challenges ecommerce retailers face is converting casual website visitors into active subscribers and customers. It’s even tougher for retailers in the guns and ammo category, who are restricted from using many traditional advertising and marketing tools to engage and retarget prospective customers.

The Overview.

Drawn by Springbot’s hands-on account management and features that cater to restricted businesses, Durkin Tactical joined Springbot in 2020 seeking to grow its business. Before joining Springbot, Durkin had been on Mailchimp, using it sparingly.

Guns & Weapons


The Results.

Email marketing remains one of the best performing tools available to online retailers, generating 20-25% of revenue on average. But it’s even more important for restricted businesses who can’t use advertising or retargeting to re-engage website visitors. Leveraging the Springbot platform and working closely with a Springbot account manager, Durkin built a plan to aggressively grow its email subscriber list and establish a consistent email campaign cadence.

Emails were acquired by adding an email sign-up form and by employing Springbot’s unique Onsite Abandonment functionality, which allows retailers to turn anonymous site visitors into email subscribers. Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment can match and send emails to about 10% of a site’s total website visitors. With an average email open rate of 23%, Springbot customers in the guns and ammo category are acquiring new email subscribers via Onsite Abandonment for about 43 cents per subscriber.

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