Fern Valley Farms leveraged Springbot’s email platform and CBD-specific expertise to grow its online revenue by 55% and add more than 7,000 email subscribers!

“Springbot helped us build a high-performance digital marketing program quickly and easily! We’ve been able to grow our list 300% and win back old customers at a much higher rate!”

Katie Thomas, Co-owner

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Success at a Glance.

55 %





SUBSCRIBERS @ $.43/sub.

The Challenge.

Growing eCommerce businesses face numerous challenges, but some of the common pain points are a lack of marketing expertise, time, and assets. This can be even more difficult for retailers in the CBD category, whose marketing options are limited by restrictions that prohibit them from using many traditional advertising and marketing tools to engage and retarget prospective customers.

The Overview.

Fern Valley Farms is an Oregon-based CBD producer and retailer established in 2018. In 2021, they decided to focus on digital marketing but didn’t know where to start. In Springbot, they found a partner who could provide CBD-specific expertise and make recommendations based on tried-and-true best practices.



The Results.

Email marketing is one of the best performing tools available to online retailers, generating 20-25% of revenue on average. But it’s even more important for restricted businesses who can’t use advertising or retargeting to re-engage website visitors.

With Springbot’s guidance, Fern Valley developed a plan to grow its email contact list, establish a consistent email campaign cadence and add a win-back automation that sends email reminders to customers who haven’t purchased in 180 days.

New emails were acquired by adding an email sign-up form and by employing Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment functionality, which allows retailers to convert anonymous site visitors into email subscribers.

Springbot’s Onsite Abandonment can match and send emails to about 10% of a site’s total website visitors. With an average email open rate of 23%, Springbot customers are acquiring new email subscribers via Onsite Abandonment for about 45 cents per subscriber.

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