Using the Springbot Platform, SodaPup added over 400 subscribers using Springbot Signup Forms, saw ads that delivered 11.4X ROAS YTD and more!

“Springbot has been a real blessing for our business in many ways. First, it allows us to manage all of our digital marketing efforts in one place, making it much easier to analyze results, learn from them, and adjust. This has helped us quickly get to the things that work best for us. The other huge benefit is being able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of the Springbot staff. We are good at creating products and content, but we are not knowledgeable on digital marketing platforms. The Springbot team fills our knowledge gap at a reasonable price allowing us to focus on what we do best. I highly recommend Springbot.”

-Adam Baker, Founder & President

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Success at a Glance.

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The Opportunity.

At the beginning of 2021, SodaPup found itself growing rapidly. This left owner Adam Baker with too many hats to wear. Looking for a platform that could allow him with more time to handle other aspects of the business, Adam reached out to Springbot.

The Brand.

SodaPup is a retailer specializing in American Made goods for pets. Focusing on durability, sustainability, and safety, SodaPup understands that not all dogs and their parents are the same, and produce a wide variety of products perfect for any canine family member.

Pet Goods



The Solution.

Over the year, SodaPup has maximized the platform to their advantage. They’ve also leveraged Springbot’s Services team to help them with their ad creation. They’re using Springbot’s stack of email automations to keep in touch with customers at every point of the shopping journey, and have added Springbot’s Prospecting and Retargeting ads to their strategy to attract new customers and stay in front of online window shoppers.

The Results.

Since starting in January, SodaPup’s usage of Springbot’s platform and services has performed exactly as expected. On top of allowing Adam to worry less about marketing, it’s also provided an incredible return on investment. Automation emails are absolutely crushing industry standards for email and Springbot’s ad stack is introducing SodaPup to new, ideal customers and turning them from browsers into buyers and fans.

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