Hammock Gear launched a new website just before the holidays that was generating high volumes of site traffic. Sally Brown (COO) knew that there was untapped potential from these unknown visitors and needed help creating a marketing plan of action for the holiday season and beyond.



Increasing AdRoll budget, implementing Onsite Abandonment and creating new email campaigns have been extremely effective during the 2018 holiday season.




To zero-in on Hammock Gear’s 2018 holiday success, we compared it to their 2017 holiday data, before they implemented an arsenal of Springbot’s tools. Overall, Hammock Gear increased their holiday revenue by 14 percent. And Hammock Gear’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend revenue increased by 164 percent!


The numbers definitely don’t lie: Hammock Gear crushed the 2018 holiday season. “Being able to have that resource where I can tell our account manager what I want, package up my images and provide a specific message, and then hand it off and trust that it’s going to get done and look amazing – that’s priceless” says Sally.


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